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Pellet mill, Hammer mill and Flaking mill
CPM Products

GRAINAS trades with the whole product program from CPM Europe. We can deliver all equipment for pelletizing, grinding and milling.

CPM is the world’s leading supplier of process equipment to the grain- and feed industry, and services also many other industries such as the waste- and wood industry. With CPM’s pellet mills, GRAINAS delivers the highest quality within pellet mills and also, GRAINAS secures the best production level and pellet quality. Read more about CPM’s products here.

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CPM Pellet mill

As the world's largest manufacturer of Pellet Mills, CPM leads the development of specialized pellet mills and press rolls. CPM has made pelletizing both practically and financially stable, while enhancing the product’s utility and manageability.


The scope of Pellet Mills in the process industry is almost endless.
Besides feed and wood, other materials are pelletized by CPM customers. The many materials include, among other things: polyethylene, carbon, RDF, sawdust, straw, pulp, paper sludge, to name just a few.

CPM Champion Hammer mill

The champion hammer mill is a powerful machine built on a solid fundament. The machine is very versatile and can handle both porous and fibrous materials. It is known for its superiority within wood, straws and feed.

These strong and high efficient mills can be delivered in many different modular constructions, which secure an optimal solution for you. 

The champion mill is being delivered with following standard functions: automatic surveillance of the bearing-temperature and an automatic vibrations circuit-breaker. We have hammer mills for all purposes.

CPM Roskamp Roller mill

Every day Roskamp Roller mill delivers a fine and solid piece of work. Roskamp roller mill is built on a strong and solid fundament, which can resist great power during the roller milling. Its strong construction with the solid rolls, gives a long service life and great reliability.

Whether you need the roller mill for milling of grain products, granulation or up tearing other products, this mill is suitable for your needs.

CPM Counterflow cooler

The Counterflow cooler works by drawing cold air up through the material while it is in the cooling tower. Feeding occurs continuously through a rotary valve at the top of the cooler. Discharging through a motor-driven outlet in the bottom. All this is happening while the cooling process is still running. The cooled products are emptied out of the cone at the bottom of the cooler.
Typical applications include cooling of feed pellets, feed, wood pellets, etc.

The cooler can be supplied with additional equipment, such as rapid emptying of the material change, fire safety package, etc.

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