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GRAINAS Superheated Steam Dryer

GRAINAS has developed and produce a Superheated steam dryer with the newest and most efficient drying technology.

Our SHS Dryer is a very energy efficient dryer, where 85 % of the energy from the steam drying can be recycled for district heating or process heating. Now we are making it possible to dry and recycle a number of products in an energy saving and environmental way.

The superheated steam dryer has a various ways of drying materials such as wood chips, slurry fiber, sawdust, straws and pulp. The only requisite for drying is that the product is permeated within the steam circulation. The drying product is made manageable and stock stabile, ex. when slurry fibers from a biogas plant is made into slurry pellets and fuel pellets because of the steam drying.

The waste converts into an easy manageable trading product. It is eco-friendly - and a great amount of plain common sense.

Test Centre for investigating the biomass’s potentials

In our test centre we offer experiments with steam drying of various biomasses. Potential clients can receive a full-scaled test with their own raw materials, where we also test the conveying, pelletizing and the splitting of the materials.

With very positive results we have among other things tested fibre fraction from biogas plants, sludge from wastewater treatment plants, wood chips and fruit pulp, also thermal treatment of protein crops in feed. Yet we don’t know the steam drying plants full potential, and we think it is very interesting to test new materials. You are always welcome to contact us for a casual talk about the future possibilities in your company.

Superheated Steam Dryer
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Superheated Steam Dryer
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