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Flexible Conveyor Systems adjusted for your needs

We deliver solutions for instance to wood- and furniture industry, combined-heat and power stations and biogas plants.


Transportsystem på ydersiden af en bygning

We offer the market’s strongest systems of modular construction within conveyor systems. The system transports in all degrees which also include vertical systems. Our products transport ecoconscious all forms of biomass, biofuel, wood waste, etc.

The conveyors are produced of solid and unique standard modules, which make the system flexible.

Monteret pillepresser
Pellet mills
Flaking mills
Hammer mills

GRAINAS trades the whole product program from CPM Europe. We can deliver all equipment for pelletizing, grinding and milling including all spare parts. CPM is the world’s largest producer of pellet mills and is leading the market within developing innovative technology and design.

Tørringsanlæg monteret inde i en bygning
Drying and Test centre

GRAINAS has developed and produce a Superheated steam dryer with the newest and most efficient drying technology.

In our test centre we offer experiments with steam drying of various biomasses. Potential clients can receive a full-scaled test with their own raw materials





Do you have any concrete requests, or are you curious to hear more about GRAINAS A/S, then you are always welcome to contact us.


Industrivej 9 

7900 Nykøbing Mors


Phone: + 45 97 74 00 44

CVR: 14 24 23 33

Phone: + 45 97 74 00 44
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